Shellfishing Hood Canal

Shellfishing Hood Canal

Shellfishing Hood Canal

Spring sun, Hood Canal and daytime low tides. A recipe for a fine getaway to Hood Canal with the main course being Shellfish, of course. The warmer temperatures mean the snow levels go up, providing access to Hood Canal’s finest mountain trails with outstanding vista views. The melting snow rushes down rivers and supercharges the waterfall hikes. The Washington state flower, the rhododendron, provides a rosey pink background and a feast for your eyes.

But more about Hood Canal Shellfish. Washington shellfish are sought by consumers around the world and are a well-deserved source of pride for local growers. Shellfish are also a key part of our marine ecosystems, providing habitat and helping filter and cleanse water. For all of these reasons, shellfish are an extraordinary resource for Washington state to exclaim. Hood Canal is famous for its oysters and manilla clams which are easy to get at low tide. Most years we start on Easter with our traditional Easter egg and clam hunt. This year, daytime low tides continue through April 6th, then again 16th-22nd. Coinciding with Washington Shellfish week April 15th – 21st and culminating with the Hood Canal Hama Hama Oyster rama on the 21st. Buy your shellfish license, check out the Public Beaches or stay at a waterfront vacation rental with your own beach. If shellfish hunting isn’t your thing, you can always buy your seafood at Hama Hama or Taylor Shellfish farm. Or dine your way around the Olympic Peninsula following the OlympicCulinaryLoop which includes Olympic Peninsula Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries.


Shellfish/Low tides

List of Beaches
Rules and Limits
Clam and Oyster season at Public Beaches
Daytime low tides
Celebrating all things shellfish during Washington Shellfish Week from April 15 – April 21, 2018


Finish off the perfect Hood Canal April with a toast at one of our many wineries during the Olympic Peninsula Wine, Cider and Cheese Tour, April 29-30.


Things to do around the south part of the canal
Things to do around the north part of the canal
Stay local and stay a few more days and take some day trips to Port Townsend, a Victorian seaport
or Olympic National Park


Waterfalls are at their best in early spring with the snow melting and spring runoff. Bring your camera and check out these local classic waterfall hikes: Rocky Brook Falls, Falls View, and Murhut Falls Hood Canal Hiking guide from Washington Trails Association
Check the snow level first